Riverside Mission Expanding

More wins from the Riverside Mission!  We have been open for a few months now and it is very pleasing to see so many wonderful wins and students on course.  We now have seven students and they are all having wonderful wins and cognitions every course time.

Here is a win from a student who graduated about two months ago from the communication course (Comm Course).

Ok hello to whoever she is showing this to my name is Jazarus Benjamin Mongiello.  I’m 12 years old I’ve finished the comm course and I hope you do too.  Charese is my sis she supervised it as you all know she wants me to tell you a win I have done using what I learned from the comm course I’m a boy scout so I have to sell popcorn and to do that I have to communicate to the costumers and unlike all the other kids I got my popcorn pamphlet 2 months too late.  So I had 2 weeks the rest of my troop had 3 months.   I came in I think 2 or 3 so I’m happy about that and I hope who ever is reading this that you have wins like me and complete the comm course too.

Here is one who just graduated the Communication Course a couple of weeks ago.

What I gained from the course.

The communication course has helped me understand how to communicate to other people.  It helped me to confront people and to deal with their originations.  This course helps people to communicate with one another and it has helped me as well.  What I learned from this course is that in order to deal with people and communicate with them you have to observe and resolve the originations that people have and you have to have confront in order to communicate with other people.

S. W. 15 years old

We started with one student and just got going.  Anyone who is looking to start a place please feel free to contact me or to join Scientology Muster on facebook.

I wish everyone continued success and many wins.  And I love to hear how great everyone is doing.




The Mission of Scientology is not Conquest-it is Civilization

Great quote from LRH on The mission of Scientology!  I hope you enjoy.


From the Fundamentals of thought.  If you don’t have a copy I suggest you get one from e-bay originals are best 1976 or earlier.

“Scientology and Scientologists are not revolutionaries. They are evolutionaries. They do not stand for overthrow. They stand for the improvement of what we have.
“Scientology is not political. When the fires of ideology threaten to consume us all, it is time to forget politics and seek reason.

“The mission of Scientology is not conquest – it is civilization. It is a war upon stupidity, the stu

pidity which leads us toward the Last War of All.

“To a Scientologist, the real barbarism of Earth is stupidity. Only in the black muck of ignorance can the irrational conflicts of ideologies germinate.

“Government, to a Scientologist, is a thing of reason, and all problems of government can be resolved by reason.

“Perhaps in yesterday one could afford the exploitation of ignorance for the sake of fancied gain. Perhaps in yesterday the study of the mind and reason was something for a summer afternoon. Perhaps in that same yesterday one amongst us could afford his irresponsibility and hate.

“But that was yesterday. Today, exploited ignorance, a dilettante attitude toward existing knowledge, and a refusal to assume one’s role as a responsible member of the human race may be punished in the searing thunderclap of H-bombs released by men whose intelligence and statecraft were incapable of a better solution. Ignorant people elect ignorant rulers. And only ignorant rulers lead to war – and this time will lead to a war which will bring silence forever after to Earth.

“As your associates, their homes, their children, their possessions and all their future lie ending in a radioactive
street, there won’t be time for us to wish we’d worked harder, been less easily dissuaded from pressing our arguments. The copies of this book you did not distribute will lie there too.

“Some say they have no fear of death until the midnight of their dying is at hand. They say different then.

“Those who strike at this work out of some black well of ideological mis-orientation, some anti-social cravenness, strike at the heart of Man – for Man has been a long time on the track to reason, and Scientology can take him there.

“There is not much Earth time. We must work.

“The criminal is ignorant and stupid. Ignorance and stupidity may therefore be called criminal.

“Cause Man to lay aside his hates and listen. Freedom from ignorance is at hand. Perhaps that was the Kingdom of Heaven.

“There is not much Earth time in which to distribute this knowledge. This is the solution to our barbarism out of which we would lose all. Scientology works. We must work, all of us – not to harangue Man towards impossible free-doms, but to make Man civilized enough to be worthy of his freedom.

“It is time Man grew up. That is what we have in mind. For there can be but weeping in the night where ignorance, factionalism, hatred and exploitation are served by the most ferocious and final weapon of all – the H-bomb.
“Change no man’s religion, change no man’s politics, interrupt the sovereignty of no nation. Instead, teach Man to use what he has and what he knows to the factual creation, within any political reference, of a civilization on Earth for the first time.

“And so we work.”

We trust you will find this volume of use in your home life and your business. We hope that by placing it in your hand, you and many others can lead better lives.

We Come Back!

Hi all as many of you know we have the Riverside Mission up and running with people graduating courses and lots of wins!  We also have many new groups starting up around the world and the United States!

I would also like to remind you that we are the Sea Orginzation and we do come back!


Issue 70                               [1958, ca. late March]


The Magazine of



Washington, D.C.

Does Clearing Cancel the Need for Training?

L. Ron Hubbard


To answer the important question “Does Clearing cancel training?” all you need to do as an auditor is clear someone without training him and then say to him, “All right. Go out and clear people.”

You’ll get a blank stare.


Because Auditing skill is a discipline in living and a know-how of the parts of life which is in itself something new in the universe. Even OTs don’t have auditing skill since there have never been any auditors behind them.

There is such a thing as learning. There are such things as data.

The fact is, that a cleared Zulu is a cleared Zulu. A cleared advertising man is a cleared advertising man. A cleared Zulu is not a cleared advertising man.

Now a Zulu uncleared has scant chance of becoming an advertising man. But a cleared Zulu would probably be able to become one rapidly. And there’s the difference.

Being clear gives one the potential of being and makes the being rather easy, and fun. Further, being cleared makes it possible to continue to be something. There’s nothing wrong with being clear. A person ought to be. The state is so valuable several hundreds of millions of people in the past 2,500 years have concentrated on nothing else.

But how about getting clear and staying clear forever? The auditor alone with his data well learned could manage that.

Remember, you were clear once—trillions of years ago. Why didn’t you stay that way? Because the traps were well designed and you had no anatomy of traps.

Well, Scientology does have the anatomy of the traps, the Axioms, the discipline and know-how necessary to handle and control the laws of the universe. Scientology is the data necessary to live.

If everyone were now to concentrate only on how to get clear and forget all about how to stay clear, we’d be back in the soup in a century.

Oddly enough, the best time to study auditing is when you’re aberrated—when the thing looks impossible, when you can achieve subjective reality on the grimness of it.

The best things a person can do are to (1) get trained and (2) get cleared. Auditors will always be senior to clears. Always. That became very obvious in the 19th ACC. People who weren’t clear created clears.

If a person gets cleared first, he can, of course, learn very rapidly how to be a good Scientologist. If he is to be a very good being he will be both a good auditor and a clear. That combination cannot be beaten.

If we had only clears and no auditors we’d have another slump ahead. Scientology is not in the experience of anyone’s back track. It is itself. It is the one thing senior to life because it handles all factors of life. Scientology could not have happened earlier because there was not enough livingness to study. We have arrived near bottom.

There are people getting cleared now all over the world. Just remember that you share the agreement of the society in which you live. You’ll have to be able to audit to skillfully handle aberrated persons. And it will take a lot of auditors to have a cleared society.

Right now it’s all right to keep your eye on that first dynamic and get clear. You should. But when, suddenly, you find you’ve achieved clear, remember when I tell you this one thing:

There are eight dynamics.

You cannot stay clear unless you solve things by the equation of the optimum solution: The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. Failing to so solve things dug you in to where you were in the first place.

Scientology got you out.

Stay out by knowing Scientology well.

I look forward to seeing your bright, smiling face, clear or not, in the Academy or an ACC, or both, in D.C., or London, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa. A Clear world to be, needs you as a good and skilled Scientologist.

And that’s how you’re going to help me.



P.S. When I solve a case I always ask the pc for one unnamed favor. I’ve never called these favors in. The favor I tell you now for the first time: Whatever else you are, be a good Scientologist and help me clear these Earth people.

Here is an article written by Bob Mongiello world famous leader of Scientology who ran the worlds largest mission in the 70’s with about 2000 people on lines and 180 wonderful and dedicated staff.

To Be or Not to Be, that is the question.

SCIENTOLOGIST 1. One who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scientology technology. (Aud 73 UK ) 2. One who controls persons, environments and situations. A Scientologist operates within the boundaries of the Auditor’s Code and the Code of a Scientologist. (PAB 137 ) 3. One who understands life. His technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life. (COHA, p. 12 ) 4. A specialist in spiritual and human affairs (Abil Ma 1 )–From the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary.

L Ron Hubbard spent his life researching and documenting in thousands of pages in books, policy, technical bulletins, and thousand of hours of lectures for the betterment of all of mankind.

A Scientologist is one who subscribes to LRH works as defined above.

When people say they are INDEPENDENT, it contradicts the the word Scientologist.

From the American College Dictionary: INDEPENDENT: 2. Not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free. 3. Not influenced by the thought or action of others; independent research.

Actually this definition describes many people in the field perfectly.  DM is by definition an INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGIST LOL!!!  Along with a few others I can think of.

So until you are willing to assume the responsibility for being a Scientologist (that means saying you are), Scientology itself will be divided up and altered so much that you will not be able to recognize it.  The day Scientologists stand up and and assume the responsibility is the day we will be free and that starts with being a Scientologist. ARC Bob

To find out more about Bob watch his video!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye032xYnKZc

Or to join our group on facebook go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/scientologymuster/

And remember we are the Sea Organization and we do come back!
Love to you all thanks for reading,

Rewarding Our Memebers

I have been working on a website to go along with this blog!  The purpose of this blog is to show the world how great Scientologists are and all the great things we can do.  One of my favorite books written by L. Ron Hubbard in Scientology is the Hymn of Asia.  I would like to share a quote from that and then share my new website!


But to all I give these Lessons

And all may have them

But the exact Teaching

Without Dispute

Must then be kept

Inviolate in Each Place

And under charge of your leaders,

Open to inspection always

Open to violation never.

Study then

Be worked with then

Become Bodhi

As little as you know

Of these Lessons

Use them.

But use them

For good

Not evil

Use them for love

Not hate

Conquer all with

Knowledge and with skillUse no war.

And here is the site for all to see!  Let’s get this show on the road!  http://www.thescientologisthalloffame.com/

How You Can Start a Successful Field Practice, With Only Book One Auditing Training

From The Way to Happiness written by L. Ron Hubbard


In an age of intricate equipment and high speed machines and vehicles, one’s survival and that of one’s family and friends depends in no small measure upon the general competence of others.

In the market place, in the sciences, the humanities and in government, incompetence can threaten the lives and future of the few or the many.

I am sure you can think of many examples of this.

Man has always had an impulse to control his fate. Superstition, propitiation of the right gods, ritual dances before the hunt, can all be viewed as efforts, no matter how faint or unavailing, to control destiny.

It was not until he learned to think, to value knowledge and to apply it with competent skill that he began to dominate his environment. The true “gift of heaven” may have been the potential to be competent.

In common pursuits and activities, Man respects skill and ability. These in a hero or athlete are almost worshiped.

The test of true competence is the end result.

To the degree that a man is competent, he survives. To the degree he is incompetent he perishes.

Encourage the attainment of competence in any worthwhile pursuit. Compliment it and reward it whenever you find it.

Demand high performance standards. The test of a society is whether or not you, your family and friends can live in it safely.

The ingredients of competence include observation, study and practice.

17-1 . Look. See what you see, not what someone tells you that you see.

What you observe is what you observe. Look at things and life and others directly, not through any cloud of prejudice, curtain of fear or the interpretation of another.

Instead of arguing with others, get them to look.

The most flagrant lies can be punctured, the greatest pretenses can be exposed, the most intricate puzzles can be resolved and the most remarkable revelations can occur simply by gently insisting that someone look.

When another finds things almost too confusing and difficult to bear, when his or her wits are going around and around, get the person to just stand back and look.

What they find is usually very obvious when they see it. Then they can go on and handle things. But if they don’t see it themselves, observe it for themselves, it may have little reality for them and all the directives and orders and punishment in the world will not resolve their muddle.

While one can indicate what direction to look and suggest that they do look, the conclusions are up to them.A child or adult sees what he himself sees and that is reality for him.

True competence is based on one’s own ability to observe. With that as reality, only then can one be deft and sure.

17-2. Learn. Has there ever been an instance when another had some false data about you? Did it cause you trouble?

This can give you some idea of the havoc false data can raise. You could also have some false data about another.

Separating the false from the true brings about understanding.

There is a lot of false data around. Evil-intentioned individuals manufacture it to serve their own purposes. Some of it comes from just plain ignorance of the facts. It can block the acceptance of true data.

The main process of learning consists of inspecting the available data, selecting the true from the false, the important from the unimportant and arriving thereby at conclusions one makes and can apply. If one does this, one is well on the way to being competent.

The test of any “truth” is whether it is true  for you. If, when one has gotten the body of data, cleared up any words in it that one does not fully understand and looked over the scene, it still doesn’t seem true, then it isn’t true so far as you are concerned. Reject it. And if you like, carry it further and conclude what the truth is for you. After all, you are the one who is going to have to use it or not use it, think with it or not think with it. If one blindly accepts “facts” or “truths” just because he is told he must, “facts” and “truths” which do not seem true to one, or even false, the end result can be an unhappy one. That is the alley to the trash bin of incompetence.

Another part of learning entails simply committing things to memory—like the spelling of words, mathematical tables and formulas, the sequence of which buttons to push. But even in simple memorizing one has to know what the material is for and how and when to use it.

The process of learning is not just piling data on top of more data. It is one of obtaining new understandings and better ways to do things.

Those who get along in life never really stop studying and learning. The competent engineer keeps up with new ways; the good athlete continually reviews the progress of his sport; any professional keeps a stack of his texts to hand and consults them.

The new model egg beater or washing machine, the latest year’s car all demand some study and learning before they can be competently operated. When people omit it, there are accidents in the kitchen and piles of bleeding wreckage on the highways.

It is a very arrogant fellow who thinks he has nothing further to learn in life. It is a dangerously blind individual who cannot shed his prejudices and false data and supplant them with facts and truths that can more fittingly assist his own life and everyone else’s.

There are ways to study so that one really learns and can use what one learns. In brief, it consists of having a teacher and/or texts which know what they are talking about, of clearing up every word one does not fully understand, of consulting other references and/or the scene of the subject, of sorting out the false data one might already have and of sifting the false from the true on the basis of what is now true for you. The end result will be certainty and potential competence. It can be, actually, a-bright and rewarding experience. Not unlike climbing a treacherous mountain through brambles but coming out on top with a new view of the whole wide world.

A civilization, to survive, must nurture the habits and abilities to study in its schools. A school is not a place where one puts children to get them out from underfoot during the day. That would be far too expensive for just that. It is not a place where one manufactures parrots. School is where one should learn to study and where children can be prepared to come to grips with reality; to learn to handle it with competence and to be readied to take over tomorrow’s world, the world where current adults will be in their later years, middle or old age.

The hardened criminal never learned to learn. Repeatedly the courts seek to teach him that if he commits the crime again he will go back to prison: most of them do commit the same crime again and do go back to prison. Factually, criminals cause more and more laws to be passed. The decent citizen is the one that obeys laws; the criminals, by definition do not. Criminals cannot learn. Not all the orders and directives and punishments and duress will work upon a being that does not know how to learn and cannot learn.

A characteristic of a government that has gone criminal—as has sometimes happened in history—is that its leaders cannot learn: all records and good sense may tell them that disaster follows oppression; yet it has taken violent revolutions to handle them or a World War II to get rid of a Hitler and those were very unhappy events for mankind. Such did not learn. They revelled in false data. They refused all evidence and truth. They had to be blown away.

The insane cannot learn. Driven by hidden evil intentions or crushed beyond the ability to reason, facts and truth and reality are far beyond them. They personify false data. They will not or cannot really perceive or learn.

A multitude of personal and social problems arise from the inability or refusal to learn.

The lives of some around you have gone off the rails because they do not know how to study, because they do not learn. You can probably think of some examples.

If one cannot get those around him to study and learn, one’s own work can become much harder and even overloaded and one’s own survival potential can be greatly reduced.

One can help others study and learn if only by putting in their reach the data they should have. One can help simply by acknowledging what they have learned. One can assist if only by appreciating any demonstrated increase in competence. If one likes, one can do more than that: others can be assisted by helping them, without disputes, to sort out false data; by helping them find and clear up words they have not understood; by helping them find and handle the reasons they do not study and learn.

As life is largely trial and error, instead of coming down on somebody who makes a mistake, find out how come a mistake was made and see if the other can’t learn something from it.

Now and then you may surprise yourself by untangling a person’s life just by having gotten the person to study and learn. I am sure you can think of many ways. And I think you will find the gentler ones work best. The world is brutal enough already to people who can’t learn.

17-3. Practice. Learning bears fruit when it is applied. Wisdom, of course, can be pursued for its own sake: there is even a kind of beauty in it. But, truth told, one never really knows if he is wise or not until he sees the results of trying to apply it.

Any activity, skill or profession, ditch digging, law, engineering, cooking or whatever, no matter how well studied, collides at last with the acid test: can one DO it? And that doing requires practice. Movie stunt men who don’t practice first get hurt. So do housewives.

Safety is not really a popular subject. Because it is usually accompanied by “be careful” and “go slow.” People can feel restraints are being put on them. But there is another approach: if one is really practiced, his skill and dexterity is such that he doesn’t have to “be careful” or “go slow.” Safe high speed of motion becomes possible only with practice.

One’s skill and dexterity must be brought up to match the speed of the age one lives in. And that is done with practice.

One can train one’s body, one’s eyes, one’s hands and feet until, with practice, they sort of “get to know.” One no longer has to “think” to set up the stove or park the car: one just DOES it. In any activity, quite a bit of what passes for “talent” is really just practice.

Without working out each movement one makes to do something and then doing it over and over until one can get it done without even thinking about it and get it done with speed and accuracy, one can set the stage for accidents.

Statistics tend to bear out that the least practiced have the most accidents.

The same principle applies to crafts and professions which mainly use the mind. The lawyer who has not drilled, drilled, drilled on courtroom procedure may not have learned to shift his mental gears fast enough to counter new turns of a case and loses it. An undrilled new stockbroker could lose a fortune in minutes. A green salesman who has not rehearsed selling can starve for lack of sales. The right answer is to practice, practice and practice!

Sometimes one finds that what one has learned he cannot apply. If so, the faults lay with improper study or with the teacher or text. It is one thing to read the directions, it is sometimes another thing entirely to try to apply them.

Now and then, when one is getting nowhere with practice, one has to throw the book away and start from scratch. The field of movie sound recording has been like that: if one followed what recordist texts there have been, one wouldn’t get a bird song to sound any better than a fog horn—that is why you can’t tell what the actors are saying in some movies. The good sound recordist had to work it all out for himself in order to do his job. But in the same field of the cinema there is a complete reverse of this: several texts on cine lighting are excellent: if followed exactly, one gets a beautiful scene.

It is regrettable, particularly in a high speed technical society, that not all activities are adequately covered with understandable texts. But that should not stop one. When good texts exist, value them and study them well. Where they don’t, assemble what data is available, study that and work the rest of it out.

But theory and data blossom only when applied and applied with practice.

One is at risk when those about one do not practice their skills until they can really DO them. There is a vast difference between “good enough” and professional skill and dexterity. The gap is bridged with practice.

Get people to look, study, work it out and then do it. And when they have it right, get them to practice, practice, practice until they can do it like a pro.

There is considerable joy in skill, dexterity and moving fast: it can only be done safely with practice. Trying to live in a high speed world with low speed people is not very safe.

The way to happiness is best traveled with competent companions.

Anita Warren talks about how she grew hers and Scientology’s Auditing practices;

You see our website and you think we are always this way….
From way back Les and I were always in the public division of the org.
In the Church of Scientology we did ridiculous dissemination drills.    Like walking up to someone in the grocery store.
I originally got motivated when the Church of Scientology had a “power field staff members” game.  That was getting 50 people on the bridge to total fredom or something.
I asked a very successful field auditor, Melanie Murray, in LA, how she was so successful at field auditing.  I heard she earned a 6 figure income.  This was around 1997.
For one thing, she showed me her business card that did not say Dianetics or Scientology on it.  It said counseling   She said she did not tell people it was Dianetics or Scientology.  The flow was that she did counseling and that she could help.
She also said that Ron says audit everyone who will let you, for free.  If you do that, the paying Pre- Clears will come.*
In the Church of Scientology, the Director of Training would send the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course( high level counselor in Scientology) graduates to me.  They would graduate, set up fancy auditing rooms and they had no pre-clears to audit.  Director of Training would say, go ask Anita Warren how to get Pre- Clears.  They would ask me. I would tell them how to make their business cards and  I would tell them to audit for free.  They would be insulted.
What I learned was to have high Affinity Reality and Communication for everyone and to pass out my card at every opportunity.  If someone gave me a ruin, I would offer to audit or give an assist for free.
At that time I only knew how to give assists and to book one audit (the first book on auditing Dianetics Modern Science of Metal health).  I was in e-meter training at American Saint Hill Organization.
Organizations are supposed to have a Free Scientology Centers.  So I started one at LA organization. this was around 1998 It’s in the policy, how to do it.*  Basically you are setting up a space for students to practice on new public for free, like a dental college practices on people for free.
The organization was amicable to this, so people would walk in from various sources, I called it “push pull or drag,” like used car trade ins.  It didn’t matter what their ailment was or what they were trying to deal with, I would help them. I would give them a session and then send them to the reg.  If they didn’t sign up, the routing form sent them back to me for another free session.  This would go on every time they come for session.  After session go to the reg, if they don’t sign up, back to me.  of course, half of them blew, and never came back, but half signed up!
I would book one audit them or I would give an assist if needed.  I found out that you couldn’t really book one audit everyone.  Some had different problems so I learned to keep the Scientology Handbook handy and the booklets( You can look for them all on Amazon.com)**.  I was helping people get off drugs, I was applying conditions, etc.  It’s all in the handbook and the booklets.
There is another introductory how to audit scientology processes book Introductory and Demonstration Processes Handbook(You can find it on Amazon)**.   All sorts of Scientology processes in it.  I didn’t know how to use it, I was avoiding it.  I didn’t know the difference between a Scientology Pre-Clear and a Dianetics Pre- Clear.  At one time, I had a book one pc.  He kept coming back for sessions.  He kept asking me “what is this Scientology?”  and when I book one audited him, his incidents were:  “I’m on the ceiling looking down at my body,” etc etc.  I knew I had to confront learning to audit Scientology processes.  So one day I decided to confront it. I figured, what the heck, I’m auditing him for free!   I took that Intro Demo Process book, opened it to the first process and started auditing him.  Each page was a different process.  I gave him a win on each one!  Wow, he loved it!  After that I wasn’t afraid.
Then I dug in to the tech and found out the difference between Scientology and Dianetics Pre-Clear.
Remember I said I was in the middle of meter training.  I found a handy L. Ron Hubbard reference that said e-meters should be used when someone is training in book one auditing.  It’s Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin called Dianetic Auditor Course, 3 April 66.  Ron talks about putting the Pre-Clear on the cans, just to see what the meter is doing while you are auditing the PC book one!  So I started doing that.  I was scared but the PC was getting free auditing AND his eyes are closed so he can’t see what I’m doing!  I knew enough to be  able to put the pc on the cans and set up the meter.
Wow, this was enlightening!  Gradually, I learned to incorporate my meter training into these sessions and actually USE the meter.
One day I had a big cog.  With my use of book one, Self Analysis, the handbook booklets, Scientology auditing, there isn’t any new person on planet earth that I couldn’t help!  Wow, that was huge!  All I had to do was get in comm, find out what their issue was and there was some tech I could use.
So I graduated from auditing strangers in the Free Scientology Center, to auditing friends and family.  This was huge.  I actually went on a trip to go visit some family and friends.  All for free of course.  It went great, they had big wins.  Boy, was my confidence up.
Now meantime, I was always smart enough to post my wins.  I wrote up my wins as an auditor, and I got the PCs to write up their wins.  I always spread them all over the place. I’m making a name for myself.
One day the phone rang.  Someone I didn’t know called me because she had a family member with a blood disease and wanted me to give him assists.  Well, I was feeling a little “charged up” because I audit for free and I didn’t know how to charge someone.  I said, “I can’t keep doing this for free.”  She said, “don’t worry, we’ll pay you!”  Wooohoo!  I was so happy.  My first paying PC.  So I made a policy that when they come to me, they pay.  If I have to go solicit Pre-Clears, they are free.  As it went, I was attracting PCs that were in hospitals.  These were my paying Pre-Clears for the most part.   I got so busy, I had to hire two more assistant auditors to do the jobs!
The rest is history.
But I can give you a couple of stable datums.
  1.   Be a collector of email addresses and learn to send out your success stories at every opportunity.
  2.   Continue to get trained.
  3.   Audit everyone who will let you, for free.  The paying Pre-Clears will come.
If you need help with any of this, just ask me.   I have a big purpose to help others get started as auditors.
*¨) ¤
.•´ .•*¨) .•*•. *
(¸.•´¸ Anita .•*¸ ¤
.•´ .•´¤ ¸•*
(¸.•* (¸.•*´¨`•.
Anita Warren•.¸¸Black heart (cards)¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪
♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸Black heart (cards)¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪

Written by Anita Warren (with very little editing by Charese Mongiello And Quotes found by Martin Gibson).  To contact Anita write to Anita@LifeEnhance.org

*”Of course it stands to reason that any auditor who has a fairly good
sized group which is undergoing free processing will get from the group many candidates for (1) personal auditing, and (2) a basic course in Scientology for which charge can be made. It is actually a mistake to charge for group intensives. It is much better in the long
run to do only free group processing, individual auditing for a fee, and to teach basic courses in Scientology, usually on certain evenings in the week. People who do not pay for auditing will pay for the course. Many of the people in the course will demand individual auditing.”

Later in the bulletin he says,

“Plan No. 2 is rather older and less known. It is still within the confines of ministerial activities but it was originally practised outside those confines. The original ad which was placed to execute the plan “Illness Researches” was placed in Wichita by Mary Sue and myself at the end of 1951. It was tremendously successful and would have continued successful if anyone else had wanted any success in Wichita. The very first person who applied for this ad, immediately after a test audit, enrolled in a professional course. The second person at once purchased a 75 hour intensive and so it went. If I merely wanted a fortune out of Scientology and did not desire the health of Scientology itself, and the good presence and skill of its auditors, I would long since have abandoned research leaving things just as they were and would have continued to run this ad and run a clinic and school to care for its resultant callers.
The exact wording of the ad was as follows: “Polio victims. A research foundation, investigating polio desires volunteers suffering from the after effects of that illness to call for examination at address.” When the people arrived usually with a phone interview first, they were immediately given about three hours of auditing. The techniques in use at that time were effort processing and overt acts and motivators. We alleviated the majority of preclears reporting using only those three hours. We did this for polio victims, arthritics and were about to do it for asthmatics when the surging success of the project frightened various individuals who had other plans for Dianetics. However there was no protest whatever from the newspapers, the public or the preclears. The auditing was given free of charge. It was given under the guise of investigation and was in actuality a research project. Any auditor anywhere can constitute himself as a minister or an auditor, a research worker in the field of any illness. In that he is not offering to treat or cure the illness but is strictly investigating it, the laws concerning medicine do not obtain to him.
Anybody even a ditch-digger can look over polio or arthritis or asthma or anything else. It is best that a minister representing himself as a “charitable organization”, which is what he is, do the research so that the ad would then read: “Polio victims—a charitable organization investigating polio desires to examine several victims of the after effects of this illness. Phone So-and-so.”  taken from L. Ron Hubbard’s Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin OPERATIONAL BULLETIN NO. 14  24 January 1956 AFTER THE FLOOD

** The books “Scientology Handbook” and the “booklets” mentioned by Anita are books after the Golden Age of Tech and may be substituted for with the original “Volunteer Ministers Handbook.”  If one so chooses.

New Missions Prices


True joy and happiness are valuable.

If one does not survive, no joy and no happiness are obtainable.

Trying to survive in a chaotic, dishonest and generally immoral society is difficult.

Any individual or group seeks to obtain from life what pleasure and freedom from pain that he or they can.

Your own survival can be threatened by the bad actions of others around you.

Your own happiness can be turned to tragedy and sorrow by the dishonesty and misconduct of others.

I am sure you can think of instances of this actually happening. Such wrongs reduce one’s survival and impair one’s happiness.

You are important to other people. You are listened to. You can influence others.

The happiness or unhappiness of others you could name is important to you.

Without too much trouble, using this book, you can help them survive and lead happier lives.

While no one can guarantee that anyone else can be happy, their chances of survival and happiness can be improved. And with theirs, yours will be.

It is in your power to point the way to a less dangerous and happier life.

From the The Way To Happiness book written by L. Ron Hubbard


Lots of new and exciting things are happening in the field babies are being born, clears are being made, missions are opening up!

As many of you may already know the Riverside mission is up and running with two comm course completions and people starting new courses.  I would like to let you know the services we offer and the prices as well as talk about our free lectures Monday nights.


The free lecture Monday nights is at 5:30-6:30 and is all about communication and the ARC triangle.  If you have friends interested or you would like to come yourself feel free to call me Charese at 951-833-8498

The Courses available now and are delivered on the weekends Saturday 10am-10pm and Sundays 9am-9pm with breaks are:

  1. Communication course  $100,  30 hours full time.
  2. Hubbard Qualified Scientologists $750, about 4 weeks full time.
  3. Student Hat Course $650, about 2 weeks full time.
  4. Method One Co-audit  $1,600, about 4 weeks full time.
  5. PRD $800, about 2 weeks full time.
  6. Mini Course Supervisor Course $800, full time.
  7. Basic Ethics three courses from the volunteer minister handbook $250, about a week full time.
  8. Efficiency course$200, about a week full time.
  9. Basic Admin Course $800, about two weeks full time.
  10. Executive essentials course $200, about 3 days full time.

This is what we have available and the prices are listed for a 40 hour full time week.  We have courses on the weekends and as we grow we hope to expand to 5 day weeks on the week days.  If interested in taking a course please feel free to call Charese at 951-833-8498.

Get some of life’s most valuable lessons today!

We hope to see you and all your friends going up the bridge!






Organizing and joining the network!

Well when Dad and I started out a year ago he envisioned a network of missions that would work together and regrow Scientology!  Things are starting to go more and more in this direction and I now have a need to get more organized and call in help.


When I look back to the past it looks as though some of the groups that left the church in the eighties were all alone and did not work together.  If we all team up and support each other we may have a much stronger chance.  This may also entice the church into joining with us and getting back on track.  I do know that postulates work and I have had many come true.  Maybe the least they do is start delivering again and that would be a huge victory for all of us.  Because as more people get up the bridge the safer the planet becomes for all of us.

There are a few things that I can not do by myself and I feel would benefit the entire network.   Some of these would just be here for the local Mission in Riverside or the missions in your area, but some will help the growth of the entire network.


Some of these also will require more details that I can say in private but for now here is what we need and want.

The exchange needs to be worked out and I think it is best that each person gets paid, but at this time it will have to be in courses until we start to bring in public.  Then it can be cash or courses.

Scientology Missions opening up near you!

1.Course packs found for the missions to use.

2.Hat packs found for the missions to use.

3. A Central file of all the people that have left the church being created.

4. A central file of all people wishing to start groups so packs can be sent to them once complete.

5. Someone to send the packs to each mission holder and stay in communication with them and there needs concerns and other things.

6. Someone to contact people and ask them if they wish to sell their orignal books at a small fee so that missions can have bookstores.

7. Someone to create flyers and e-mail them to mission holders for their public division activities.

8. Someone to hand out flyers or put them on cars or doors.

9. Someone to teach the lectures on Communication.

10. Someone to help course supervise.

11. Book one auditors.

12. Someone to help hat staff.

13. A few people to help with ethics.

14. someone to supervise extension courses and ones online.

15. Someone to help write and collect articles for the blog.

16. Someone to help make video’s for us all to use on the net.

17. Someone to arrange a list of course offered and prices and to make sure all the mission holders have one. (they can change the prices as they like just have a suggested one)

18. Someone to collect the stats and success stories and post them on David Lacroix’s website  at http://scientolipedia.org

19. Someone to develop online free courses for new to Scientology people.


These posts will soon turn into divisions and departments and we shall grow from here on out.

This is everything I can think of now there maybe more and as we all start to expand together we will need to add more posts on the org board.  Anyone at any mission can help the network and please everyone consider going to your nearest group and helping out or taking services.  The list is on David’s site http://scientolipedia.org.

Also to find out more about what we are doing and to post your wins and successes from Scientology join us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/scientologymuster/ 



Thanks for your time and keep checking back I would love your help and feedback to grow this!  Feel free to share with your friends!